Body Mass Index Coding Tips

Here are some important tips for reporting reporting the Body Mass Index (BMI) on claims.

  1. You cannot report a BMI ICD 10 code if that is all that is documented in the medical record, you have to also have the weight recorded in the medical record to report the BMI on a claim.  If the provider did not give you the weight query the provider before reporting the BMI on the claim. See codes Z68* for reporting the appropriate BMI that is documented by the provider.
  2. Never report a BMI during pregnancy.   Instead use codes from O99.21 Obesity complicating child birth
  3. Always report Obesity and Morbid Obesity (ICD10 E66.01 and E66.09) on a claim as they are always clinically significant.  A diagnosis of overweight is not necessary to report since it is not a huge health risk.

Use these tips for ensuring proper reporting and coding!


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